Sexy Latin Dance Online Courses
with Master Instructor Jay Stylz
" If it ain't sexy . . . don't do it! "
From beginner to advanced, Jay teaches you the footwork, turn patterns, styling, and musicality of the most popular styles with a flash of sex appeal. 

With hundreds of new videos being added each month, you will master the dance floor before you know it.
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Learn the sensual dance of Bachata, starting with the original Dominican steps through many of the fusions that you see in the club today!
Salsa On 1
Learn the ways of L.A. style Salsa, popular across the US, Europe, and throughout the world. Sexy moves and lots of fun!
Salsa On 2
Master the art of N.Y. style Salsa, with all of the sexy musicality and body movements that have made it exceptionally popular.
Learn the Sexier Side of Latin Dance
Take advantage of online training from a professional who has been teaching for over a decade. Online classes are a fun and easy way to learn how to dance at your own convenience!

Whether you choose to practice in the comfort of your own home or upgrade your skills on the go, Latin Dance Online will take your skills to a level you've never seen before. 
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